Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, is an inter-disciplinary award-winning architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China. Founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu works internationally providing architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services.
Neri&Hu’s own product line, 'neri&hu', represents a different aesthetic that is rooted in cultural provocation. With an intention to question the potential in “Chinese design”, neri&hu seeks to alternatives to the normative. neri&hu is the reinterpretation of the beauty in the raw material, changing perceptions through what is revealed, examining history and its path, or capturing an ordinary scene in a snapshot.
One of Britain’s most esteemed industrial designers and a Royal Designer for Industry, Matthew Hilton has over 30 years of experience in his field, designing for leading manufacturers. His furniture is held in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Geffrye Museum, London.
Matthew Hilton
In 2007, Matthew established his eponymous brand as a place he could have complete creative control. Working in premium, robust materials including solid hardwood, cast iron, and brass, Hilton creates rigorously functional products that improve with the mark of age. Thinking like a sculptor, Matthew Hilton considers every view of a product equally, allowing for a sense of delight and surprise over the years as the user discovers new details and complexities.
Internationally renowned, Istanbul-based multidisciplinary design studio, Autoban was founded in 2003 by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar, and later joined by Efe Aydar. Now employing 35 staff, Autoban works across architecture and interiors, product and experiential design.
With a portfolio that includes transportation, commercial, retail, and office developments, their work is typified by familiar forms and materials repurposed in vital, contemporary ways. Their work has redefined Istanbul’s cityscape, including numerous hospitality, retail, residential and public realm developments, and is now also found in London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Moscow and China, as well as Azerbaijan. Autoban furniture and lighting developed as a rational extension to their interior work. Highly influenced by nature, the rituals of daily life and the diversity of Istanbul, Autoban playfully reinterpret the familiar through modern forms and contrasting materials.
Luca Nichetto is an acclaimed Italian designer with offices in Venice and Stockholm. Working across architecture, interiors and product design, his work is informed by his collaborative approach to design and deep respect for craft across all disciplines. Luca Nichetto has served
as art director for international design events and has been awarded numerous international prizes. Today, the designer collaborates with a wide variety of leading Italian and international companies. For his furniture brand, ‘Nichetto’, he creates products with personality, distinction and versatility for residential and contract interiors. The pioneering yet classical forms highlight the unique characteristics of the premium materials and superior craft. Colour palettes inspired by nature are applied to the selection of fabrics, materials, and combinations. Recognisable on every continent, these warm, neutral and cold tones have enduring relevance, enhancing the timeless elegance of each product. De La Espada is the manufacturing partner for the Nichetto brand, crafting each product to the highest standard at their own production facility in Northern Portugal.
Born from playful experimentation with vintage lighting components, Apparatus is a New York based design studio. aged brass, etched glass, leather, and porcelain are combined to create lighting fixtures that fuse sculptural form with hand-worn materials. The result is a warm glow that is at once timeworn and thoroughly modern. Creative director gabriel hendifar has a background in fashion and interior design. He has designed for couture label jmary and was most recently part of the raquel allegra creative team. Jeremy anderson left his career in the public relations industry to oversee apparatus studio production and operations. His traveller’s eye and potter’s hands inform his passion for handmade details.
Coherence deciding to work with few young talents sharing a common philosophy, working long lasting material and the mutual ambition to bring those pieces as an investment for future generations. To reflect a certain idea of French elegance mixing tradition and modernity through choices enlightened by a search for simplicity but a strong will to surprise. Cross looking at contemporary creation, David Haymann and Toni Grilo will continue to jointly hold the artistic direction of future collections. FINELL is a designer and manufacturer of neo luxe housewares and fashion accessories, based in Austin, TX. “Great design is what drives every part of the FINELL brand” explains CEO Rebecca Finell. We celebrate simplicity and smart design. We let go of convention to create new utilities and exciting products that redefine modern design. The FINELL brand represents the finest craftsmanship and quality, with products made from an unexpected mix of luxury materials. Offering a progressive aesthetic and innovative features, the finished product aims to be as unique and refined as the customer who appreciates it.
LA COMPAÑÍA Más de 50 años de trayectoria en la fabricación de mobiliario de exterior Expormim es una empresa con gran tradición en la producción de mobiliario de exterior e interior. Con más de 50 años de trayectoria, ha consolidado su mercado gracias al continuo proceso de modernización, con especial empeño en la mejora de los procesos de fabricación, la selección de materias primas y el cuidado diseño de sus productos de mobiliario de exterior e interior. Actualmente, Expormim cubre todo el mercado nacional y está presente en más de 40 países alrededor del mundo. Con el tiempo, Expormim, siempre a la vanguardia, ha ido desarrollando diversas líneas de productos, adaptándose así a los gustos y tendencias del mercado, cubriendo plenamente todas las necesidades tanto de hogar (mobiliario de interior) y de jardín (mobiliario de exterior) como de las grandes instalaciones de hostelería y mobiliario hotelero.
En Pirwi utilizamos la mejor tecnología, la cual es en algunos casos equipos computarizados, pero en muchas otras la mano humana.
Nuestros trabajadores hacen las operaciones donde el proceso manual agrega sustancialmente valor al producto; en el ensamble, pulido y acabado de los muebles, donde ninguna máquina puede lograr el nivel de perfección y suavidad que logra un trabajador capacitado. Así mismo, hay procesos donde es indispensable la absoluta precisión de una máquina computarizada para lograr la eficiencia y rapidez que los procesos tradicionales no alcanzan. El secreto de Pirwi es la correcta combinación de diferentes procesos con diversos niveles de automatización. Esto nos permite crear piezas a precios justos, con un alto nivel de cuidado individual y varias horas, días o incluso semanas de trabajo manual. Esto se percibe en la calidad de nuestros productos y es algo de lo que estamos muy orgullosos. Gran parte del esfuerzo por controlar el impacto ambiental de nuestros productos comienza mucho antes de su fabricación. Desde el momento en que se crean las primeras ideas definimos junto con los diseñadores las mejores estrategias para generar productos y sistemas constructivos sustentables. El objetivo es que Pirwi sea una eficaz herramienta de regeneración social y ambiental, la cual genere el mayor bienestar para la empresa y sus trabajadores, así como para quienes usan nuestras piezas y para el planeta que nos permite fabricarlas.
EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN IS NOT MERELY WISHFUL THINKING Artefacto’s lines of furniture are immediately distinguished by their exclusive, unique designs. The overarching theme is international in nature, borrowing from the contemporary flair of northern Italy, the sensuality of southern France, the severity and simplicity of the Asian culture – all blended with the spice and casual flavor of Brazil. Our extensive collection represents a unique design perspective that incorporates an eclectic series of individual products that blend together seamlessly. Strong angular profile lines for seating and tables are softened by woven natural materials that wrap and curve around cushions, chairs and surfaces. Mixing materials is at the heart of Artefacto’s design approach. Stainless steel, rattan, linen, leather, exotic woods and glass marry in perfect symmetry. The high quality of raw materials used in production and the exquisite finishes are both hallmarks of Artefacto products. Individually, Artefacto products resonate with your highest inner standard. Together, they speak volumes about what’s truly possible. Because these are not simply home furnishings. They are works of art, meant to be carefully chosen and combined for an eclectic mix that reflects your values. And they’re intended to last a lifetime. To have style without function and quality would not bring value to our customers. Artefacto develops products that have been tested for comfort, scale and durability. Natural materials are utilized for the primary base of construction for all the products. Wood, steel and fibers that age gracefully are selected from the foremost suppliers in the industry.


Somos ITZ, un estudio de diseño y taller de ebanistería ubicados en Bacalar, en el sureste de México, lugar que destaca por su extraordinaria Laguna de los Siete Colores. Nos especializamos en la producción de mobiliario de alta calidad, utilizando como materia prima diversas especies de maderas tropicales endémicas. Nuestro equipo está liderado por la diseñadora Ania Wołowska, cuyos proyectos son realizados por talentosos carpinteros y artesanos de la región maya, herederos de un oficio y tradición de muchas generaciones. En ITZ combinamos el diseño moderno con un compromiso con la sostenibilidad ambiental. Trabajamos con madera certificada de las comunidades locales que cuentan con reconocidos programas de reforestación y en algunos casos con el certificado FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Hemos llamado nuestra empresa en base al concepto maya “itz”, que significa “resina de árbol”, pero también se refiere a la esencia sagrada de las cosas. En ITZ nuestra esencia es la pasión y la integridad con la que creamos nuestros muebles.
ANIA WOŁOWSKA Diseñadora de origen polaco con una maestría en Diseño de Mobiliario. Graduada de la Academia de Bellas Artes en Poznan, Polonia y de CENTRO en la Ciudad de México. En ITZ combina la pasión por el diseño consciente y honesto con la simplicidad de la forma, la admiración por las técnicas artesanales y un profundo respeto por los materiales con los que trabaja.
FILOSOFÍA Somos una firma de diseño, establecida en el 2009, con sede en la Ciudad de México. Nuestro despacho se origina de una pasión compartida: el diseño. Estamos seguras de que la propuesta de diseño, es tan importante como la calidad y el servicio, y es lo que nos define como equipo. Nuestros espacios y muebles se crean en base a las historias que nos cuenta cada cliente, y nuestra principal motivación es que el resultado genere experiencias extraordinarias. Esto es Hat Diseño, un estudio donde la imaginación se mezcla con la arquitectura y el mobiliario para lograr proyectos profesionales de diseño.
Juskani Alonso inició de manera profesional en el 2010 como Intern en el Departamento de Desarrollo de Producto de Tupperware Brands ubicado en Orlando FL. Ha colaborado con empresas, estudios y colectivos como Tupperware, Kikkerland, Ariel Rojo, Mob, Thierry Jeannot, Innovando la Tradición, Pekka-Harni, llevandolo esto a experimentar y ver el diseño desde diferentes perspectivas. Ha participado y obtenido premios en concursos nacionales e internacionales como Dimueble, Salão Design, Grace Arts Center Design Competition, ABN-UNAM y Tupperware Design Competition. En la actualidad se desarrolla como diseñador empresario dentro de su propia firma, y es co-fundador del Estudio Wayak’ que combina “Los Diseños” de manera interdisciplinaria y las experiencias generacionales de sus integrantes.
Peace Industry In the world of modern and contemporary rugs, Peace Industry offers an extraordinarily unique and inspired take on the world's oldest hand made area rug. Dating back to 600BC, wool felt rugs were made by nomads of the Central Asian Steppes. They remained mostly unknown outside of the region until Dodd and Melina Raissnia built their own felt rug workshop in Turkey and created a modern collection of rugs based on Melina's work as a painter and graphic designer. Peace Industry area rugs are made from 100% carpet grade lamb's wool and natural dyes. They are entirely chemical free, reversible, have no backing, and do not require a rug pad. Visit the Peace Industry showroom in San Francisco, Bay Area. Felt rugs are not woven but are pressed to create an incredibly strong, dense textile. Layers of loose wool fibers are arranged on a tarp on the floor. Boiling water is sprinkled on to the pile. It is then pressed and rolled around a stick in the tarp and then bound tightly with a rope. The rolled, wet wool is stomped on until the fibers have shrunken together enough to bind. The wet wool is removed from the tarp and rubbed and rolled by hand to ensure even, tight felting. Patterns are achieved by incorporating a layer of wool into a design. Imagine making a collage and then shrinking it. When the wool is wet it is very sculptable. Blocking techniques are used to move the design into position and shape the edges. The tools include a tarp, a rope, a pronged fork, pliers, and a mallet.



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